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Registration for Camp 2024 will open soon!

2024 camp fees:

$685 for High School Orchestra students

$585 for Middle School Orchestra students

Camp deposit of $185 is due at the time of registration.

This year's registration deadline is Monday, July 1, 2024.

Once you receive the payment confirmation from Cheddar Up, that means your camper is registered!

Packing list, expectations for campers, draft of the schedule, and more

can be found on the "2024 Documents" tab of our website. Updates coming soon!

Instructions for online auditions can be found on the "Auditions" tab on our website.


Any other important announcements or information will be emailed directly to you.


Thank you for your patience!


After making the initial deposit, you may pay the remaining balance

in full, or in partial payments.


Remaining camp fees can be paid online or sent by mail to avoid credit card processing fees.

​If you are paying fees by check for more than one camper, please indicate

in an attached note or on the memo line which campers the payment is for.

Checks, cashier's checks, or money orders can be made out to Camp Con Brio.
Mail to:
Alison Mayes
24445 Jingo Road

Bucyrus, KS 66013

You will receive an email confirmation when your check payment has been successfully deposited.

All final camp fee payments are due by Monday, July 8, 2024.

If you need to discuss this with the Camp Director,

please send an email to

After July 8, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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