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UPDATED AS OF 4/14/2021

Here are some important updates and protocols surrounding COVID-19.

Please read through them carefully.



Golden Bell requires that masks are worn in the cafeteria area while in the food line. They can be removed while seated and eating or drinking. They just ask that you wear them when getting up again to get more food, use the restroom, etc. Zip line participants are also required to wear a mask due to the close proximity to the Golden Bell Staff. Otherwise, Camp Con Brio may or may not require wearing masks, depending on the activity (rehearsals, sectionals, etc). Campers and staff are more than welcome to wear masks anywhere at any time, depending on individual preference. Please bring a few masks with you to camp so that you can be safely protected. 


Both Golden Bell and Camp Con Brio are both highly encouraging social distancing, as well as encouraging campers and staff to become vaccinated. Please note, vaccination is not required to attend camp. The Camp Con Brio Director would like to have a record of which campers and staff are vaccinated. More info on this to come.



Common areas are sanitized a minimum of three times every day, including in-between groups (i.e. surfaces and equipment in the gymnasium, etc). Everyone is encouraged to bring their own supply of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and any other disinfecting agents they wish. Camp staff will have hand sanitizer on their person at all times.



Teller County Health Department and Social Services have asked that campers DO NOT wear masks while sleeping. This is unsafe and can cause shallow breathing while sleeping. Campers should plan to sleep head to foot, so that their faces are at least six feet apart. However, Camp Con Brio does ask that campers wear their masks inside their cabins when awake, since participants will be in closer proximity.



Golden Bell remained open for the entire summer season in 2020, with social distancing, masks, and sanitation guidelines in place. They are very happy to report that they experienced ZERO outbreaks of COVID-19. This is very good news for us!



More updates coming.

Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions.

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